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Psychotherapy at Integrative Awakening unifies mind, body & spirit, helping heal wounds of the past to transform your life today. Our clinical staff are licensed and certified psychotherapists with several post graduate trainings in topics raging from psychoanalysis to the most cutting edge trauma and ptsd informed care. Our psychotherapists also specialize in combining alternative healing modalities with psychotherapy.

Individual Therapy

If you are interested in any of our specialized or general psychotherapies, please contact us for a free consultation

Individual Therapy

One-on-one psychotherapy/counseling will benefit individuals who desire true mind-body-spirit integration. Clinicians aid clients in finding the authentic self that lies beyond limiting beliefs, experiences & behaviors. This is accomplished through a supportive combination of somatic (body-based) methods, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and trauma therapy.


Individuals who seek therapy at Integrative Awakening face a wide range of struggles & desires for change. An Integrative Awakening clinician consults with each potential client to find the therapist who suits their needs the best.

Group Therapy - In Person and Virtual

Group therapy is a beneficial addition to individual therapy - transformations happen in a group setting that go beyond what occurs in individual therapy alone.

Groups are process based: participants discuss what's going on in the room with the group, as well as what's going on in everyday life. Groups are a safe space to receive and deliver feedback, plus reflect on emotions, ideas, and struggles. Somatic techniques help participants engage with their bodies as part of the therapy process.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy with Caroline works on communication as the foundation to healing. In particular, couples are guided into the process of Imago therapy which is both a psychologically and spirituality rich discipline of increasing positive communication between couples so they feel deeply understood, validated and seen. Couples are also guided to work with each other somatically through breath-work and calming touch to help each other co-regulate their nervous systems so that triggers become opportunities for further healing and not cause for further conflict. For more intensive, time-limited couples work, visit our private retreat page.

Group Therapy
Couples Therapy
Uncoupling - In Person and Virtual 

For couples who have put in their time in marriage/relationship counseling for at least 6 months minimum and are both sure it's time for you to part ways with grace and compassion.

Family Therapy
Family Portrait
Family Therapy

Family therapy at Integrative Awakening involves focus on clear, compassionate conversation using tools such as nonviolent communication and the Imago Therapy dialogue ( During the course of family therapy, we unpack less than optimal unconscious defense structures used by the family system. We explore ways in which every family may be supporting the dysfunction within the family by unconsciously playing a certain role. We explore ways for each member of the family to step out of their habituated role within the family so they can be fully seen, understood and valued as a unique individual. Families who would like more intensive work are encouraged to schedule an immersion private retreat with Caroline and our other Integrative Awakening holistic staff.

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