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Body Work

Mahina Lee
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Thai Yoga Bodywork with Mahina Lee


Mahina Lee offers profound presence, deeply attuned touch and 8 years of experience in Thai Yoga Bodywork. Mahina integrates the ancient practice of Thai massage with modern trigger-point therapy and yogic awareness practices to help open the energy lines of the body. Deep compressions, precise acupressure and assisted stretches are delivered while inviting the client's participation through breath and toning to release energy blockages and melt tension. 


Thai Yoga Bodywork is usually performed on a mat on the floor, with loose-fitting clothes on. This offering is beneficial for those who prefer deep-tissue work and those who seek relief from physical pain and tension due to chronic and acute conditions, stress and chi blockages. Mahina also offers Lomilomi, Yoga Therapy, Reiki and Biofield Tuning sessions.


Learn more about all her bodywork, energy and sound healing offerings at


Travis Brandstatter

Bodywork with Travis Brandstatter

☆ Therapeutic Integrative Massage ☆
A synthesis of techniques geared towards therapeutically recalibrating the body and nervous system on a variety of levels: supporting postural realignment, restoring space and mobility of the joints, assisting in deep tension release and a sense of greater wellbeing.

☆ Lomi Lomi Fusion ☆
A mix of therapeutic techniques to address specific areas of tension within the body combined with long, relaxing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi strokes to soothe the nervous system and assist the integration of our work. 

♡ Temple Style Lomi Lomi ♡
A Spiritualy based Hawaiian style massage where the intention is to let go of that which no longer serves us and allow space for the new. This is a deeply nourishing and transformational bodywork session with a focus on dropping into deeper levels of energetic coherence, embodiment and awakening to a deeper understanding of the True Nature of reality.  Long, gentle and flowing, rhythmic strokes lap the body, turning off the mind, reuniting us with the ebb and flow of the ocean, the Cosmos and the dance of Life itself.  Loving, nurturing and heart-opening.  We use minimal draping to allow for full sweeps up and down the entire body, including the stomach, allowing us to freely move energy and provide a beautifully integrated experience.


♡ Temple Style Underbody Lomi Lomi ♡

This session is for those who wish to go even deeper into the Temple Style experience. It does require a certain level of trust and comfort within the body as well as with me, as your practitioner. Here we perform a Temple Style Lomi Lomi session directly on top of a table covering with a substantial amount of oil, which allows for full glides underneath the body as well as from above.  This combination sweeps across the body like the waves lapping the shoreline, gently lifting the body while simultaneously soothing and embracing it with care.  Deeply nourishing, profound and liberating. It is like being embraced by the universal currents of the Divine Mother.  We again use minimal draping to allow for full sweeps up and down the entire body, the stomach, as well as underneath the body for a truly beautiful full body harmonizing experience.


☆ Craniosacral Therapy ☆

Craniosacral is performed clothes on and with incredibly subtle touch. It is a style of bodywork that is geared towards deep nervous system rejuvenation by working with the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, as well as with the subtler aspects of the body.  The understanding behind this work is that the body's innate intelligence knows how to heal and what needs to be done, so, we simply assist that process by helping bring the nervous system into greater harmony, allowing the conditions to be much more optimal for restoration and healing. This session can be like a deep meditative journey or a deep longed for rest.

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