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"Carrie places expertise, dedication, and vision in service of healing and freedom. This is a very, very special place." – M.H.

“Carrie has great passion for authenticity and creates a space where it’s safe to access your own authentic self.”  - JW

“Carrie has a way of knowing what the group needs and is able and willing to adjust in order to hold and maintain a safe space.” - TE

“Carrie’s approach is both compassionate and challenging. She invites people to brush up against their boundaries creating new opening and insights. She is a master.” - CLB

“(Carrie’s teaching is) nontraditional. She doesn’t force the point in life, you find it.” - CP

“Carrie is always enlightening…informative…caring.” - DO

“Carrie is very knowledgeable and passionate and trying to help us all to be our best/fullest self.” - JF

“Carrie is grounded, compassionate and skillful. Working with her has helped me change my life in ways I had never thought were possible.”  - MH

“Carrie has an all encompassing teaching of strength, wisdom and love.” – KK

“Carrie has such a passion for these (yoga teacher training) topics and a true gift for teaching them.”  - JF

“Caroline is warm, genuine and compassionate. She is skilled in cultivating a safe space to explore personal growth.”  - DB

Women's Program

"Some of my most essential healing has been done under the guidance and facilitation of Caroline Culverhouse . Her work has absolutely transformed how I look at and work with my own (and others') bodies and how trauma impacts it all. If you have trauma and are serious about healing and know the power of working in a group AND you like retreats, I highly recommend you check out the program, which mostly occurs a bit outside Philly. And Tara Lynn is co-faciliatting?!? Truly, you'd be so lucky to be with such compassionate, funny, wise women." – J.B.


"This program has transformed my life in so many ways. Take the leap, start the process, the journey is work and raw and wonderful all at the same time. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for the work I have done in this program. So much love and gratitude for all I have experienced with you Caroline Culverhouse -L.R.

Words cannot even begin to truly express my respect and adoration, but I'll give it a go anyway. It's taken me over 10 years to find this healing home, having tried many other routes prior. I nearly gave up, realizing quite quickly that no one could apparently unlock what seemed to be an internal unsolvable puzzle. Well, now I've never felt so validated. I've never felt so understood. And more importantly, I've never felt so excited about my personal potential in understanding myself and finding my true path and strengths in life despite my past traumas and tribulations. Working with Carrie has been LIFE CHANGING. Aside from one-on-one therapy, I also recently attended my first Discovering What Is Retreat last weekend. I was nervous about how I might feel in a group environment, but I was quite amazed at how quickly I felt safe and how I still felt personally attended to and cared for. I also got to meet another wonderful healer, Tara. I feel like that weekend alone put me leaps and bounds ahead emotionally and spiritually from where I had been just days prior. This place, and their given opportunities, and their beautiful, knowledgeable staff, have made me feel like the strongest version of myself. I feel empowered. For the first time in a long time, rather than feeling scared about what the future may bring, rather than constantly wondering if I'll continue to fall down, to struggle, to hurt...instead I feel capable and exhilarated about "what's next!" Consistently. Happiest. (Realest). Me. Ever. Thank you hOMe" – A.S.   

"I attended my first Women’s Retreat last weekend. It was emotionally and physically exhausting and the hardest best thing I’ve ever done. I owe my success largely in part to the humility and candor of Carrie and Tara throughout the weekend. I made more progress in four days than I had in 35 years of psychotherapy and antidepressants. I will be attending the next one in the series without a doubt." – B.C.

"Carrie is wise beyond her years with an unassuming humility that makes her heart shine above all else. Chris is a healer through-and-through. He’s not afraid to step out of the box; he knows no true healing happens in a box. Together they are the bomb. hOMe is raw, unfiltered, earthy, imperfectly perfect place to let go and become yourSelf. I just love it there." – S.L.R.

Family Retreat
As a widowed mother of three adult children (all almost over 30), I can say without any hesitation that if you can only afford to do one retreat ever, this is where your money should go. Our family retreat was absolutely timely, unforgettable, and ultimately healing. Everyone learned volumes about each other without speaking, we learned about triangles and how to avoid a common trap that causes so much conflict. We learned that we need each other and love each other deeply. We heard each other’s heartbreak, and longing. Carrie is a most unusual therapist in that she can blend all these raw emotions and learning experiences onto a platform where they can be safely exposed and lovingly addressed without judgment. Much
love to Carrie. -C.P. 

Private Retreat

"I did a private retreat with Carrie...for help with some core issues that I needed help understanding and resolving. I will say I felt like i was seen, heard & understood. It was a really safe and nonjudgmental environment that gave me the chance to really explore what had driven my life for so long. The setting was beautiful, peaceful and really gave me a chance to do the work i needed to do on myself. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves and wants to get well, mind, body & soul."– S.A.

Hurqalya Energy Healing

"I was immediately at ease with Carrie [and Chris] at their beautiful sanctuary and yoga retreat center tucked away in the woods of PA. They were both very easy to open up to and share my struggles with. Chris performed a hurqalya energy healing on me during my visit. Having chronic pain for many years I was unsure if I would be able to obtain results. The experience was remarkable and Chris was extremely intuitive with what was happening with me physically and emotionally. Not only did the healing provide lasting results and relief but Chris also made other suggestions that I could apply on my own outside of sessions. I will return again and again as this experience has been invaluable in my growth emotionally and my ability to heal. I am so grateful for this experience! Thank you, Carrie & Chris! " -C.M.<3



"Chris and Carrie have created a beautiful sanctuary in the woods perfect for spirit rejuvenation. They are dedicated to providing a safe space for deep healing work through psychotherapy, yoga and meditation. I am honored to be one of the teachers for the Yoga Bhavana recovery yoga and spiritual discussion group. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for those in recovery to share with like hearted, caring people who are willing to hold space for their healing process. Simply beautiful! Thank you so much friends." – A.S.

“(hOMePYM Yoga Teacher Training) was a gift.”  - KK

“The hOMePYM Yoga Teacher Training Program is a wonderful, non-competitive program for learning more about yoga and deepening your connection to yoga, breath, movement, spirituality – and yourself!”  - JF

“The hOMePYM Yoga Teacher Training Program is a wonderful, non-competitive program for learning more about yoga and deepening your connection to yoga, breath, movement, spirituality – and yourself!”  - JF

“The hOMePYM Yoga Teacher Training Program has been transformational for me! I had no idea how much I needed a community until I found it here. The program has helped me to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.”  - DB

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