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Other Services

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with Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, CGP, CTP, E-RYT

Caroline supervises clinicians working towards their LCSW and LPC licensure in the states of Hawaii and Pennsylvania. She also supervises clinicians wanting ongoing supervision beyond licensure. Supervision is geared towards each clinicians needs, but includes guidance on how to conceptualize clients from a stigma-reducing, trauma informed lense and across psychological frameworks. Caroline offers her supervisees multiple perspectives in which to explore the content of their work with each individual client spanning from psychodynamic to internal family systems to, when appropriate, spiritual and mystical. Supervision bolsters the supervisee with new perspectives, opportunities for self relection, and tools. Most importantly, supervision helps provide ongoing support for the difficulties and sacrifices inherent in dedicating oneself to this field so those called to serve others in this way can remain present and heart-centered throughout their career. 


Travis Brandstatter


1 on 1 Spirituality & Embodiment Offerings:

☆ Spiritual Integration Sessions ☆
The intention of these sessions is geared towards integrating spiritual wisdom, principles, insights or experiences we may have had, and are still working through, as a predominant phase in our awakening/embodiment journey. 

☆ Illumination Sessions (Individuals or Couples) ☆

These sessions are for those who are looking to dive into deconstructing limiting beliefs, trauma, patterns and subconscious programming that has lead them to where they are today. All things are in relationship so we examine the relationship patterns to ourselves, others, and to life itself so that we may come into "right relationship" with All.  The premise here is full self-responsibility & accountability, and of course, compassion and forgiveness for those moments that we uncover together. We are here to shine Light into the darkness and find Love.  Illuminate, Forgive, Transform.


☆ General Support Sessions ☆
A more flexible and open container to allow a wider range of topics and support to flow through. Here we can dive into whatever feels appropriate whether it be shadow work, spiritual remembrance and activation, or just simply supporting some of the every day life experiences that are equally part of our collective transformation and quality of life.


 ♡ "Unlocking the Source Within" Gene Keys Sessions ♡

 The Gene Keys System is a profound and beautiful living transmission that helps us navigate the spectrum of consciousness and can assist us in endless transformation throughout our lives. It helps us understand life, energy and patterns from the shadows of human conditioning that create a life of suffering, all the way up to the many miraculous expressions of Divinity. The premise of this system, and these sessions, is to unlock our unique genius that is encoded within our DNA and embrace our higher purpose here on Earth - to step into the Divine Expressions that we are.



Additional Retreat Offerings:

☆ Release, Activate & Illuminate ☆
An efficient and simple group practice facilitation consisting of shaking, full body tapping, gentle kundalini exercises and varied insight meditation.  This sequence is geared towards energetic clearing within the physical body, activating and bringing our attention to our energy field in preparation to sit in silence and equanimity, while gently guiding your awareness.

♡ Transmutation and Coherence Circles ♡
Every group has a shared energy dynamic and a self organizing intelligence. Here, we connect and harmonize our energetic fields, look to uncover a primary energy or topic shared by the group, and then we begin gently transmuting these energies into more coherence. This can happen through a combination of story telling and experiential sharing, vulnerability sharing and holding loving space for one another, through sharing spiritual wisdoms and insights that offer different perspectives, as well as by incorporating mindset shifting opportunities where we reframe and reformat what used to be a negative story/experience into a positive one so that we can appreciate the lessons, train ourselves to interpret life differently and begin to see blessings in disguise.


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