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Inward Spiral Retreat

with Caroline Culverhouse and Todd Grube

todd grube
About The Retreat


Have you ever wandered what the meaning of a labyrinth was and how it applies to the spiritual journey?

Do you see or feel spiraling energy when you close your eyes?

Do you have a desire to find and cultivate your highest Frequency— one of personal liberation and divinity?

Do you want to experience deep states of peace in which your own inner guidance can come forth and lead the way without anxiety or indecision blocking you?

If so, it would be an absolute honor to have you join us for the Inward Spiral Retreat with hOMe co-founder, Caroline Culverhouse and international yoga teacher and lightworker, Todd Grube in Sedona, Arizona Spring 2021 (dates to be announced soon!)

The retreat content pulls from truths and practices across mystic wisdom traditions to help us come into a deep inner knowing of our own personal awakening, the collective awakening and our connection to all that is.

In this retreat you will experience:

1)  The magnificent up-leveling of our own frequency just by being in Sedona. We hike and meditate on the vortexes each day.

2) We practice deep mystical meditation practices meant to connect us to our highest selves. 

3) We have daily sacred tea ceremonies.

3) We practice qigong and slow flow yoga intended to connect us back to our ancestors and to our spirit and power animals.

4) We practice Root Yoga which is influenced by shamanism and brings us back to a deep connection with Mother Earth.

5) We walk and discuss some of the most magical medicine wheels in Sedona.

6) We engage in discourse about the inward spiral, awakening and ascension.

7) We learn about and experience within our selves Energy grids and sacred geometry.

All meals are delicious, homemade and vegetarian!

Dates: To be announced soon!

Basic Tuition: $1699 if registered and paid in full by December 22, 2020

or 12 installments of $135 per month

or 18 installments of $96 per month

Non-refundable deposit of $200 due upon booking. Deposit goes towards tuition fee.

Accommodation rates range from $120 - $375 per night and includes all meals and options for airport transport. Please contact us for accommodation details:


$1399 Early Reg

Payment plans available

About Todd Grube

Todd Grube is a international spiritual movement arts teacher that has taught in Peru , Spain , Sweden , USA , India and Malta to name a few places , and has owned spiritual centers in both USA and Europe! His spiritual journey began at a very young age studying marital arts and living as a celibate monk in a yoga ashram for over two yrs. He has studied deeply in the Indian yogic traditions of Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga ) and Vinyasa yoga ( flow yoga) and Chinese Taoist yoga (yin / yang yoga , for over 30 yrs and various forms of marital arts such as Kung fu , Capoeira, and Tae kwon do for even longer. 
Todd has a degree in Chinese medicine and Acupuncture and has studied various other healing therapies such as Shiatsu,Thai yoga massage , Acupressure Reiki , shamanic breath work, sound healing and Tea as a plant teacher Meditation and medicine! Some of his mentors include Paulie Zink ( Tao yoga ) Raghunath Cappo , Bhakti yoga and vinyasa yoga ) Old monkey ( tao yoga ,) Nada Brahamanda( shamanic breath work , sacred movement) , Master Po, (tea)  Zen meditation and tea master Wu-De and of course mother Gaia , for all her teachings! Today he studies in the area of sacred yogic movement practices, qigong, Taichi, animal movements, shamanic sound healing , tea and learning from the mother her self (Gaia )

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