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Energy Healing

Caroline offers both in session (during psychotherapy sessions as she sees fit) hands-free , non-touching energy clearing work  as well as formal hands on clearings on a meditation table.  Energy clearings help remove energetic and emotional blockages and unwanted energies and attachments as well as help restore the body's natural, healthy vibration to each chakra (energy center). For more thorough energy clearings, Caroline recommends doing a session on the massage table. During these sessions Caroline is both channeling and acting as a conduit for source energy to come through her heart and her hands and do what it needs to do to get folks where they want to be. Often she will share with clients what is coming through if they are open and interested in hearing. 


For another potent form of heart-based energy healing, we recommend working with seasoned energy healer, Christopher Neithamer. He offers in person Hurqalya healings from our Integrative Awakening locations, Big Island home visits, and from a distance. More information on Christophers's energy healing can be found at

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