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Un-Coupling Therapy

For couples who have put in their time in marriage/relationship counseling for at least 6 months minimum and are both sure it's time to part ways.

Going through step by step sessions with Caroline on the divorce process will save you both enormous time, energy and finances. Sessions are sequential and typically last between 6-12 weeks. Themes covered are grief processing, reframing divorce, transitioning type of relationship but not losing relationship, asset splitting, arranging best custody schedule for yourselves and children if children are involved and more.

When Caroline and her ex-husband knew it was time to part ways as husband and wife and transition into friendship, not a single therpist was willing or available to take on the task of "conscious uncoupling" (thank you Gwyneth Paltrow for that term!) and walking them through the divorce process with grace. It was either "we'll help you stay married" or "offer you one session to officially be done with the marriage."

Caroline discovered that the field of psychology is biased towards relationships lasting at all costs even when two parties are clear that the marriage has served them well and it is now time to part ways - terrible grief and all.

As such, she set out to not offer marriage counseling, but instead be a unicorn in the field and offer divorce counseling. While you cannot likely and should not avoid the inevitable earth shattering grief and sense of displacement that comes along with divorce, you absolutely can avoid giving lawyers your life savings in the process. That money should go towards you and your new lives and your children's well being if children are in the picture.

If this sounds like where you are both at, shoot us a text to set up a free consult. Both individuals must attend all sessions but one party may initiate the consult.

(Please note: 6 months of marriage counseling prior to this decision is a requirement. It's important you approach this decision having done everything you can first to see if you can make it work in a healthy way for yourselves so you minimize your opportunity for regrets and resentments.)

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