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About Us

Integrative Awakening is on a mission to inspire individuals to awaken to their highest potential through the integration of contemporary psychotherapy with holistic healing methods.

About Us

Integrative Awakening is a heart-centered healing business and retreat space focused on whole person healing--mind, body, spirit. We specialize in psychotherapy, group and private retreats, yoga, energy healing, and meditation. We have a special focus on women's work, including women's empowerment, spirituality, and trauma-informed, integrative care for attachment trauma and CPTSD. 


Integrative Awakening is located on the Big Island of Hawaii with an office in the town of Waimea and an oceanview retreat home on the Kohala Coast. We do our very best to integrate the best of modern Western Psychotherapy with time-tested Eastern and Indigenous traditional healing methods. With great reverence for the magnificence of the Aina and its healing mana, we share our healing gifts and modalities. We share with the hope that we can be of service to the local community and for those visiting the BIg Island with the intention of healing and transformation.

Integrative Awakening Retreat House
About Us
Carrie Culverhouse

Approach to Holistic Therapy

Integrative Awakening employs therapeutic practices to support individuals in their exploration of life's journey. Here, clients have an opportunity to expedite personal metamorphosis through a multi-modality healing experience that combines Western science with Eastern traditions.


The center appeals to persons seeking a deeper experience than standard 1-to-1 counseling or a weekly yoga class. Psychotherapy & counseling clients are encouraged - not required - to try yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other practices as an adjunct to therapy. Non-therapy clients will find many avenues for personal transformation via healing services, classes, and retreats. 

For Professionals...

We specialize in blending psychotherapy & counseling with holistic healing. Client backgrounds include general seekers of spiritual growth & holistic wellness; Complex PTSD; attachment trauma; depression; anxiety; mood dysregulation; history of alcoholic homes; borderline, enmeshed and/or narcissistic parenting; childhood neglect & abuse; sexual/physical trauma; parent/guardian mental illness; difficult life transitions; cult abuse; professional burnout; and, stabilized substance abuse and addiction. 

Therapeutic techniques include EMDR, somatic experiencing, psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychodrama, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, inner child exploration & the Internal Family Systems Model. Holistic modalities include yoga, meditation, energy healing & supportive, non-discriminatory exploration of client spirituality. 

Integrative Awakening Retreat House
Meet Caroline

Meet The Founder

Caroline Culverhouse

Clinical social worker, retreat facilitator & yoga/meditation instructor Caroline believes that every moment is a chance to come hOMe to the heart.

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Meet the Team

Our Team.

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